Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Uphill Struggle

The trails are still to snowy to ride especially with the warm weather. So (as much as I don`t like to admit it) I've been riding the cross bike on the road lately. I put a pair of 25c tires on along with a 53x16 gearing and its been pretty fun. The team has organized rides leaving from Bread at 1:00 on weekdays and at 10:00 on the weekends. The group rides are great for learning new rides and faces. While speaking of the team Crawford is no longer with us but we have two new "coaches" Rutie and Mike. We are now also classified as a "varsity" sport which hopefully will lead to better funding and maybe some scholarships.

I've been working on my cadence and low end power in prep for SSWC which by the way will be super sweet by the sounds of it. Some time here I will be making my bike in to a power transfer machine through new cranks, bars and stem. My hopes are the extra weight gained will be well worth the extra stiffness gained.

Schmidty has been brewing his own beer and it has alot of head.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eat Shit

Horse Gulch is fun

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back From ABQ

My last few days in Albuquerque were spent on an old Specializd rockhopper riding up and down the street practicing wheelies and riding the bike path with Sarah`s neighbors. I also bought a pet rat to keep Sarah`s company while away form her sisters rat. Pictured below is Sarahs rat Olive in my smelly ass shoe, I decided to name mine Pimento to compliment Olives name.

On Sunday we went for a nice two hour ride with the neighbor kids on the bike path and through town. I was with out a road bike so the rockhopper was ridden along with a bitchen helmet that I found in her garage. It was a good bit of fun, the two little ones even through down an attack.
Cyclings future

The scenery in Albuquerque was stunning... if you like carbon copy homes and brown, but to be fair there were some very beautiful mountains to the east of town.

Downtown Albuquerque public art

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I had been planing to make a trip down to the ABQ at some point during the break. I found some cheap tickets with Greyhound bus so I bought them. I arrived in Albuquerque Yesterday around 2:00 and walked to Sarahs house with a fully packed XXL Timbuk 2 bag (like 35lbs) which took another hour. Today I went shopping with Sarah and then went for a run.. which was good.. yeah.. it was good. Albuquerque has a huge bike path system which was nice but got a little boring after the first 30 min. For my returning route I got off the bike path and on to the streets where I got a little lost after only five minutes. The area I was in had a lot of dead ends and streets changed names. But after enough running in the direction that I thought was home I found a street that I knew and found home. Very good fun other than my legs being sore from not running in a few weeks.

Beautiful Albuquerque Scenery...

Bike Path

Thursday, January 1, 2009


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