Wednesday, September 10, 2008

College Life

Long trip, still settling in, new shoes, bike for a friend. Conditions were chilly but dry. The track was medium length and fast. One half consisted of double track and the other single track. The single track was mostly a slight up hill with a fun descent and creek crossing. The double track was flat and in to the wind and had this super fun floater jump which was whipped most every lap.
The ST started around 11 am and was a 30 min + 2 race. I had a horrible start but moved in to top 5 before entering a single track section. By the fourth lap I was top 3 with Chris and Greg and just chilling. We kept talking about how weird it was that we we leading the race, being that we are not in the best condition. I stayed on the front leading and then dropping back again letting Chris or Greg lead some. With 2 to go we have a huge FLC train and Chris. Dave starts yelling attack, attack, on the double track and Mitch surges but does not shake the train. My plan was to sit in 2nd and on the last lap jump in front of Mitch on the single track and not have to sprint for a win.. What really happened was I forgot to pass Mitch on the single track and got passed by Greg, who made a sweet pass by the way, and finished third by less than a second.

In the XC race I DNFed due to a broken front derailleur and spirit that probably rotated and was snapped of by my own crank arm. I was feeling pretty shity at the start but still had a good start and a few time in the race I found my self in a race good position. More on that, Brian Alders made a show and dropped the field by a good bit and all but two FLC A catigory racers DNFed.

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