Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Should be Doing Programing Homework

but I`m not. Instead I`m riding my bike. Going to Tour De Fat and buying expensive bike parts for cheap. I have been as Dave would say "A little under the weather", I hope I`m not getting something more than a fall cold. last weekend I sucked major ass. I dropped out of the XC after I crashed, lost my rhythm and couldn't restart my engine. I crashed again in the ST after passing a huge number of riders by riding in the shrubbery, and after I merged in a rider to my left merged in on me and caused a 10 bike crash. I got out of the crash dead last and had a really bum hand. I worked my way up to 15th out of 31 riders by the end of the race. I really was looking forward to a good finish there, the trail was similar to a long BMX track and was super fun! Oh well, hopfully a better finish this week at the home race.

I have been trying to recover from a cold this week but today I got out for a good two hours and had fun. Our new coach put the ride together to help riders get up to speed on the courses. Oh yeah, her name is Ruthie Matthes and she is cool. On another note I pick up some nice pieces at the pros garage sale on Tuesday. For $175 I bought, Sram Force Road levers gutted of shiter bits for a SS, Eggbeater 4 Ti pedals and a Brand new Truvative 32t alloy ring. Very nice I think. Grady here picked up a new bike does it look familiar. Exactly the same spec.


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