Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Geodesic Greenhouse

The top trays have been knocked up with pea, lettuce, spinach and other greens and they are sprouted and growing quickly. I plan on weaving a canopy of peas and beans that can be snacked on while sitting on the ceiling bench.

The dome is starting to kick out some greens now that the days are growing longer and soon I will have more than we can eat by our selves. I ordered a small amount duckweed which will be grown inside in a plant based water filter and then added to the main tank in the dome. Once the water is cleaned up more by plants I will look into adding fish to produce waste to feed the plants.

I moved the winter batch of compost in to a planter in the front yard and have been refilling the bins with leaves from neighbors yards. On that note, I find that most people don`t have a composting bin or some means of disposing organic waste and either landfill or let the city dispose of their organic waste.

Sediment filter growing algae

The most of the rocks are covered in cress and algae is beginning to grow in the still areas of the trays.


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