Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photo update: Aquaponic Greenhouse 7/5/12

The dome is fully alive now, very exciting after a little more than a year of work.  
The plants are growing like crazy, the fish getting fatter, the water temperatures are nice and high (72-76 Deg F) and all sorts of critters have taken up home in the dome.

Aquaponic gardening it the bees knees.

 Panoramic shots

Simple free compost bins can easily be made from shipping pallets.

4'x8' Covered bed
This small bed drinks 10 gallons of water a day
 where the dome takes between 10 and 15 gallons
 of water a day to maintain a 650 gallon tank.

This is what $144 of tilapia look like.  
I ordered 50 small fingerlings from a hatchery on the net and wound up paying 99 cents a fish and $90 for shipping.  

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